“It’s a sign!” 

Memento Vivere

I used to say that a lot when I was in college. Not because I was always asking for a sign from God and the universe about whether or not to do something, but because it amused me to be mindful of the little things and be more aware of what’s happening. It was like a game for me to see something special in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary.
I think it would be good to start playing that game again.
P.S. This poem caught my attention while I was at the children’s section of Barnes&Noble. I’m starting to think that one might find the answers to a lot of life questions in there 🙂

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Put things into perspective

Memento Vivere

How often have I heard this advice from others? Maybe as often as I dish it out myself. It’s easier said than done though. And a lot easier to tell others than do it myself.

I got really excited when I saw these poems in a book called “Mirror, Mirror” (again, in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble). They’re called REVERSO, and can be read from top to bottom or bottom line to top. The perspective changes, the meaning changes.

It got me thinking about a lot of things. I thought about a scene in Pixar’s latest movie, “Inside Out”, where Joy was looking at a memory ball that was both happy and sad, depending on which side of the ball she was looking from. I thought about “Big Hero 6” where the kid (I forget his name) gets inspiration from turning upside down, or looking at something from…

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