To the little person inside me

There is a little person 

Sleeping inside me


It’s not what you think hahaha

It’s the child within

That longs to be a giant

It’s the volcano that has long been dormant

It’s the flickering flame

Waiting to be stoked

It’s the laughter that got caught

In one’s throat

The years fly

Time goes by

The little person dies a little bit inside

She’s no fairy tale princess

Who needs true love’s kiss

Because the spell she’s under 

Can’t be broken by a lover 

She has to listen closely to the voice

inside her

Though it may be softer 

than a whisper


“Wake up…

Open your eyes and see

It is not too late 

To be all that you want 

and everything you’re meant to be”


2 thoughts on “To the little person inside me

  1. Hi Diana, I love reading what you write. You remind me so much of myself. When I was trying so hard to hold on to my marriage while bringing up my kids and juggling a corporate job in Philippine Airlines. I wish I could tell you something of value… advice but no. I don’t do that. And your doing fine. More than what is expected of you. Just continue writing. To us who find solace in it…..don’t stop. Just write. And write, and write…Don’t regret anything that you have decided on doing. It may not work out well in the beginning. Or maybe just plain it seems like it’s not working at all. It’s probably adding more to your confusion. It will work in the end. Believe me. As long as you don’t regret having done it. There is a purpose for it. It will work. Never regret anything…there is a reason for everything. Lovealways, Tita P.

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    1. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it. And I do get what you mean. At least I think I do. Haha. Just trust the process. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me. We’re kindred spirits, Ninang P! And I miss you and hope to see you soon 😘 thanks, btw, for taking time to read my ramblings hahaha


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