Put things into perspective

Memento Vivere

How often have I heard this advice from others? Maybe as often as I dish it out myself. It’s easier said than done though. And a lot easier to tell others than do it myself.

I got really excited when I saw these poems in a book called “Mirror, Mirror” (again, in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble). They’re called REVERSO, and can be read from top to bottom or bottom line to top. The perspective changes, the meaning changes.

It got me thinking about a lot of things. I thought about a scene in Pixar’s latest movie, “Inside Out”, where Joy was looking at a memory ball that was both happy and sad, depending on which side of the ball she was looking from. I thought about “Big Hero 6” where the kid (I forget his name) gets inspiration from turning upside down, or looking at something from…

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